Charlie Kinney changed my life. Sixteen months after total knee replacement, I limped into his office with knee and lower back pain. Charlie was my third physical therapist. I was sure my misery was just something I would have to live with for the rest of my life. After only one session with Charlie, I began to feel hope. He listened attentively to my story and encouraged me. He started me on a good exercise regimen that gave me almost immediate results. Most helpful was his hands-on work. I had never had as much one-on-one time, and it really made a difference. Charlie went out of his way for me. He actually sent emails asking how I felt. And when he found out my work has a gym, he spent one of my sessions there showing me a few of the machines and how they could help me. After six sessions I am a different person. My pain is reduced, my confidence is back, and I am able to walk much greater distances without have to stop. My only regret is that I did not find Charlie sooner.

Knee Replacement | Anne P

I saw Charlie, of Kinney PT, for a knee injury rehab for about 6 weeks. His sessions are 1 on 1 and he devotes the whole time to your rehabilitation. Charlie keeps the environment light and fun while being very professional and knowledgeable. He is very meticulous with every aspect of his work. The exercises were very thorough and he was very informative in the goals that we needed to reach to keep my rehab on track and moving forward. He was a positive influence in pushing me through limitations that came along with my injury. Helping me get back to my profession of playing hockey faster than anticipated. He treated me with the utmost respect and made it feel like I was his only patient.

Professional Hockey Player Following Patella Tendon Repair | Yan S

Never, under the care of a medical or allied practitioner, have I enjoyed the kind of care this man gives. He is alive and aware in the patient’s presence, ever thinking, focused on understanding the condition the patient is in. I’ve never experienced a more thorough evaluation. I believed my shoulder was due for surgery, but Charlie convinced me in his comments at the very end of our first session that fate would be unnecessary. If you are hurting, stop what you are doing and call him right now.

Rotator Cuff Strain & Shoulder Impingement | Les J

I sprained my ankle this summer playing volleyball, and assumed it would heal on its own after a few weeks of rest, ice compression and elevation. But, after a month of not running and painful yoga, I decided I needed to see a PT. Dr. Kinney addressed not only the pain and problem with my ankle, but also gave me hip and IT band stretches and exercises to help prevent the problem in the future. After manual therapy and a few weeks of following his exercise instructions, I was able to run again. I’m now back up to my normal mileage! I highly recommend Dr. Kinney.

Ankle Sprain | Caitlin F

Several years ago, I dislocated my shoulder and never went through the proper rehab. Just recently, I have been experiencing pain in that same shoulder. I was referred to Charlie by one of his clients and could not be happier with the recommendation. Charlie truly sought to understand what was causing the pain by going through various exercises and movements. Once he determined the cause, he guided me through a number of strengthening and mobility exercises to correct the issue. Not only am I impressed by his breadth of knowledge but also by the time that he spends with his clients – I have never had the attention of a PT for a full hour!

Shoulder Dislocation | Laura B

My personal experience at Kinney PT was phenomenal. I have been to years of PT with multiple knee injuries and multiple PT’s. Charlie took the time to identify the root problem, help access what I was and was not able to do before moving forward. His professional knowledge is very evident in the way he helped get me back to the activities I love. I have had great results at every visit and felt improvement each time! I would recommend him to anyone who wants results with great support!

ACL Surgery | Angela L

I saw Dr. Kinney about a month ago with an upper back issue. He spent the whole hour with me on my issue and also gave me a good routine of strengthening exercises that would prevent the problem from happening again. One visit was all it took to fix my issue, but would definitely go back if I have any other needs.

Thoracic Pain | Samuel C

As a former athlete, I have had the privilege of working with a lot of great PT’s. Charlie was very knowledgeable, informative and his hands on adjustments and manipulations were spot on with my various injuries. The hour long session allowed us to address all of my needs!

Femoral Acetabular Impingement(FAI) Surgery | Connor D

Dr. Kinney is outstanding. He was efficient, listened to me, and very comprehensive in his testing and delivery of treatment.  He used innovative techniques and recommended some wonderfully helpful exercises.  I will certainly see Dr. Kinney in the future.

Low Back Pain | Kevin F

Several months ago I tore my hamstring falling on the ice. Charlie Kinney was very helpful with my recovery. Not only did he patiently treat my painful injury he was able to communicate explaining about scar tissue, muscle memory and importance of motion for a speedier recovery. He recommended several helpful exercises that I was able to do on my own to expedite the healing process. Charlie is attentive, gives 100 percent while with his patients . After going to other PT clinics where they spend limited amounts of time with their patients, Charlie gives you a quality one hour appt.

Hamstring Strain | Nora D




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