BPPV: Benign Paroxsmal Positional Vertigo

Epley Maneuver

Benign Paroxsmal Positional Vertigo, commonly known as BPPV, can affect up to 9% of adults in their lifetime. This condition is caused by crystals which become dislodged in the ear. Symptoms primarily include dizziness and spinning which lasts for a few seconds up to a minute. Most commonly, symptoms occur when rolling over in bed or looking up.

BPPV can be treated by your physical therapist with a very high success rate. The Epley Maneuver (shown above), performed by your physical therapist, is a very effective treatment. It will allow most individuals to have full relief in 1-3 visits. To learn more about BPPV, here is the Physical Therapist’s Guide to BPPV from the American Physical Therapy Association.

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