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BPPV: Benign Paroxsmal Positional Vertigo

This post discusses how effective physical therapy is for treating dizziness and spinning related to benign paroxsmal positional vertigo, commonly known as BPPV.

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Why Pain Can Persist Like A False Car Alarm

The mechanism behind acute pain and chronic pain is completely different. In this blog post, patients will learn why health care providers must take a completely different approach depending on which type of pain the individual has.

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Physical Therapy Recommended For Meniscal Injuries

  Increasing evidence continues to show that physical therapy should be considered prior to many orthopaedic surgeries that involve degenerative conditions. In this latest¬†press release, doctors and radiologists found that surgery for meniscal injuries of the knee can lead to…

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How to enjoy the slopes this year!

Knee pain is very common during ski season. Here is a short video with tips to prevent knee pain and one exercise you can perform to have a more enjoyable time on the slopes this year!

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Knee Pain With Stairs

Ambulating stairs can be a source of increased knee pain. Oftentimes, simple changes in the way you approach stairs can provide significant pain relief. Whether you are recovering from knee surgery or just always have pain with stairs, this video…

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