Low Back Pain: The Good News


Other than the common cold, low back pain is the most frequent reason for trips to the doctor in the United States. What leads to back pain? Stress from work and traveling, sore muscles from working out, general weakness from not staying active, and stiffness in the joints can all play a part. Although low back pain can come on suddenly and be very painful, more often than not, it is what is referred to as “mechanical low back pain.” This term just means that there is no tissue damage and that the pain is likely from stiff joints and tight muscles. With careful guidance, people can obtain 100% relief.

Here is a short article summarizing low back pain with treatment options to relieve your pain.

After a thorough examination, a physical therapist can develop a successful plan to relieve your low back pain. Research is very clear that treatments provided by a physical therapist including manipulations/mobilizations (hands-on manual therapy to decrease pain and stiffness), guided exercise, and sound advice will lead to significant relief. Furthermore, studies are clear that early intervention is the key to success. If your symptoms are lasting longer than a week or two, it is a good idea to see your physical therapist so you can return to all of your normal activities without any pain or restriction. Many times, there will be significant pain relief in just 2-4 visits, particularly if symptoms originated < 2 weeks.

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