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Patient Testimonial

It is always humbling as a healthcare provider to receive a testimonial. A former patient offered to to give a testimonial and I was thrilled to have her do so. She has come a long way and it has been…

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Why Pain Can Persist Like A False Car Alarm

The mechanism behind acute pain and chronic pain is completely different. In this blog post, patients will learn why health care providers must take a completely different approach depending on which type of pain the individual has.

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Rest & Ice: I tried that

For some aches and pains, rest and ice may be all you need. This method may help some forms of overtraining where your body just needs a break. With rest, your muscles actually get stronger after training which causes microtrauma…

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Low Back Pain: The Good News

Other than the common cold, low back pain is the most frequent reason for trips to the doctor in the United States. What leads to back pain? Stress from work and traveling, sore muscles from working out, general weakness from…

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