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Category: Chronic Pain

A Success Story

All physical therapists enter the profession to make an impact on the quality of life for all patients. A recent patient of mine was kind enough to let me share her story with you. It is always humbling to watch…

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Opioids Can Increase Pain?

Although opioids are very effective in the short-term, the side effects in a long-term situation can exacerbate a condition. Recent research suggests that pain killers can actually lead to increased pain levels over time. Here is a short video which…

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Why Pain Can Persist Like A False Car Alarm

The mechanism behind acute pain and chronic pain is completely different. In this blog post, patients will learn why health care providers must take a completely different approach depending on which type of pain the individual has.

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Lifting: How to prevent low back pain

This video demonstrates one way to to prevent low back pain when bending forward and lifting. This exercise will help you engage your hip musculature instead of using too much of your low back muscles that can lead to low…

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Why Things Hurt

When individuals live in a state of chronic pain, it impacts many, if not all, aspects of their life. However, research continues to show that a chronic state of pain is reversible without the need for surgery, injections, or even…

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